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Salmon and Beavers

Beavers and Salmon Video: by Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission 2018

Overview of Beaver Effects on Salmon, Methow Beaver Project - short video

Alaska Beaver Effects On Juv Salmon

Alaska Coho & Beavers

The Status of Atlantic Salmon on PEI, 2011

Atlantic Salmon & Beavers BWW

Beaver Dams Help Fish 2014

Beaver Effect On FIsh Growth

Beaver Effect On Salmonid Reproduction

Beaver Effects On Fish 2012

Beavers In Oregon

Beaversprite Fish Article

CA Beaver Effects On Trout

CA Salmonid Passage Guidelines

Clemson Pond Leveler & Fish Passage

Culvert Hydraulics For Fish Passage 1993

Fish Passage Thru Inclined Pipe

Hydrologic Geomorphic Effects of Beaver Dams

Maine DOT Fish Passage Policy 2004

Misc Salmon Links

Montana Trout Movement

NMFS OR Coho Recovery Plan 2016

OR Fish Passage Rules

Salmonid Stream Movements

Snohomish Pond Leveler Info Sheet

Tidal Marsh Beavers 2012

USFWS Fish Passage Issues

Beaver Effects on Trout and Salmon - Wikipedia

Do Beaver Dams Impede trout?

A beaver-fish fact sheet from the Miistakis Institute

Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) smolt and early post-smolt migration and survival inferred from multi-year and multi-stock acoustic telemetry studies in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Beaver Book - 2019-10-08 The Fur-Bearers


THESIS Effects of Pond-Leveler Devices on Salmon Migration 3-16-18

"Ecosystem Experiment Reveals Benefits of Natural and Simulated Beaver Dams to a Threatened Population of Steelhead", Scientific Reports, 2016, Bowes, et. al.