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We are at a critical juncture as a species living on earth. In response to the urgency of need, Beaver Institute is rapidly expanding to train more beaver-restoration wetland professionals, mitigate beaver-human conflict, produce and promote science-based research, and activate national momentum toward nature-based solutions. The wetlands beavers create and steward are an ecological and economic solution to the most pressing climate catastrophes: from fires to floods and droughts, to biodiversity and water quality.

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We are extremely grateful to all our donors who make it possible for us to do the important work of supporting and expanding progressive beaver management, research, and educational programs.

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Legacy Gifts

Make a lasting mark for a better world with a Legacy Gift to the Beaver Institute, Inc., and feel great about it!

You can make a bequest for either a specific dollar amount or for a percentage of your estate. Here is sample language for you to review with your advisers for inclusion in your estate plan.

I give, devise and bequeath to the Beaver Institute, Inc., a nonprofit organization located in Southampton, Massachusetts, $__________ /  __________% of my estate to be used at the discretion of the Board of Directors of the Beaver Institute, Inc. for the general purposes the organization, unless otherwise specified as follows:

Because your will is an important legal document, the Beaver Institute, Inc. recommends that you seek professional guidance from an attorney.

We encourage you to share with us the relevant page(s) of your final will which references your wishes for the Beaver Institute, Inc. This will allow us to recognize and thank you, and ensure that your wishes are followed appropriately.

To make a legacy gift, please contact Adam Burnett, Beaver Institute Executive Director, at

Your legacy gift will help the Beaver Institute achieve our Mission to advance progressive beaver management from coast to coast to promote biodiversity, vibrant ecosystems and healthy watersheds for generations to come! Thank you.