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Beaver (Castor canadensis)

A review of the history, biology, behavior, and management of the North American beaver.

Linking Time Budgets to Habitat Quality Suggests that Beavers (Castor Canadensis) are Energy Maximizers

Study that tested whether beavers are energy maximizers by verifying the prediction that they allocate time to foraging activities independently of habitat quality in Kouchibouguac National Park of Canada in New Brunswick.


Foraging Decisions of North American Beaver (Castor canadensis) are Shaped by Energy Constraints and Predation Risk

Study to determine if beavers are able to assess the risk of predation by using two main cues: the distance from the water and the presence or absence of predator odors.


At Asylum Lake Preserve in Kalamazoo, Humans Work to Outsmart Beavers – a Welcome Nuisance

The article describes beaver behaviors and how they affect ecosystems, highlighting a university lake preserve in Kalamazoo where humans are learning to coexist with beaver. The author highlights the successful use of a beaver deceiver device in the preserve.


All About Beavers – Video for Children

A 3 minute educational video on beavers that is geared to children.

Dam It: Why Beavers Matter

Learn about nature’s most ingenious engineers with Ben Goldfarb, author of “Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter.”

Overview of Beaver History, Ecology and Management in North America

A brief overview of beaver history, ecology and management in North America.

Beaver Benefits Info Sheet

Educational handout on the benefits of beaver ponds. Permission to distribute.

Beavers and Conservation in Oregon Coastal Watersheds

Summary of the benefits of beavers, their conflicts with humans, and the policies and conditions that affect their survival

The Engineering in Beaver Dams

Review of beaver dam construction and how their technology may allow to create novel, nature based solutions for ecosystem redevelopment and river renaturalisation.

Pollux & Phoebe

A story about tidal beavers on the Chesapeake in Maryland.

Watch: How wolves ambush their beaver prey

This study revealed that wolves rely on the poor eyesight of beavers to ambush them, but their success rate is not very high. Video included.

Beaver Benefits and Controlling Impacts

Educational article on the value of beavers by the Habitat Program supporting fish habitat conservation and restoration across Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho. Includes video and other helpful links.

Beaver Habits and Culture USDA 1927

A fascinating, in-depth review of beaver history, biology, effects on fish and early attempts at nonlethal beaver-human conflict resolution.

A Historical Trial on Beavers and Erosion 1939 Oregon Supreme Court

A story told by Paul Schaffer of an Oregon Supreme court case in 1939.

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