BeaverCorps Training Program

Want a rewarding environmental job restoring streams, biodiversity and valuable wetland ecosystems? Want a career or part time job working in nature, saving valuable wildlife? Interested in starting an ecology-focused volunteer group? Don’t mind getting wet or muddy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Beaver Institute has an opportunity for you. Over the next 5 years we will be training 100 “BeaverCorps” professionals.

What is the BeaverCorps?  The BeaverCorps is a new group of Beaver Institute trained professionals across North America training to non-lethally resolve human-beaver conflicts. They advocate and promote coexistence with beavers, an invaluable Keystone species and know how to solve beaver problems for landowners in a long-term, cost-effective, humane and environmentally friendly manner.

Beaver Damming. Imagine the deep inner satisfaction of solving beaver problems for people, while at the same time saving beavers and improving our environment.

The Beaver Institute is proud to offer the the first and only professional course teaching progressive beaver management. The online classes and field work are personally mentored by Mike Callahan, BI President. All students learn the same successful, innovative beaver management techniques that he has successfully used since 1998 to resolve over 1,800 beaver-human conflicts.

“I can’t promise you will resolve over 1,800 beaver conflicts, but I can promise that we will give you the skills to do it.” – Mike Callahan

The BeaverCorps Training Program consists of two parts. Part 1 is a series of online lessons, quizzes and exams. You will learn the details necessary to successfully build and install successful water control devices to resolve beaver dam flooding problems. Upon completion of the online lessons, in Part 2 the trainee will apply these lessons to real world beaver issues. They must successfully complete a series of flow device installations while being mentored by Mike Callahan and other Beaver Institute instructors. By the end of the training you will have the skills required to professionally manage human-beaver conflicts.

BeaverCorps members are listed on our website so anyone with a beaver issue in their region can find and contact them.

Our BeaverCorps Professional Training Program is designed to be done remotely without needing to travel to us. It can also be completed in less than 6 months. To learn more simply click HERE.

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Beaver Management Workshops

The Beaver Institute offers educational presentations and hands-on workshops upon request. Our trainings are tailored for each specific audience and can include information on beaver behavior and biology, the value of beaver created ecosystems, and beaver conflict resolution techniques. Hands-on workshops can also give attendees valuable experience building and installing effective water control devices.

For more information click HERE.

Types of Workshops

Ohio DOT Staff Workshop, Cincinnati, OH

Individual Beaver Control Workshop (in MA)

Corporate Beaver Workshop in MA for Ecotone Inc, MD

“A one-week workshop with the Beaver Institute has given Ecotone the necessary tools to succeed in beaver management in the MD/VA region. Hands on training allowed for our employees to understand and replicate the construction and techniques used when installing and monitoring flow devices. Not only are we able to now build our own flow devices, but Mike was also able to convey the fundamental ecological importance that beaver management provides.”  Clay W., Ecotone Inc.

Oranogan County Highway Department Workshop, Chesaw, WA