Are you interested in receiving the training and support necessary to becoming a flow device installer in your state? If so, a good place to start is to watch our training videos on this website. Then please contact us and we will recommend any additional training you could benefit from. Experience the rewards of resolving problems for people while at the same time helping to restore the North American beaver to its native habitat, with all the ecological benefits that go with them.

Help people, help beavers, help the environment, help biodiversity, help fight climate change, and help us all!

Installing flow devices is exciting and deeply satisfying work!

Types of Beaver Management Workshops

Ohio DOT Workshop, Cincinnati, OH

Individual Beaver Control Workshop (in MA)

Corporate Beaver Workshop in MA for Ecotone Inc, MD

“A one-week workshop with the Beaver Institute has given Ecotone the necessary tools to succeed in beaver management in the MD/VA region. Hands on training allowed for our employees to understand and replicate the construction and techniques used when installing and monitoring flow devices. Not only are we able to now build our own flow devices, but Mike was also able to convey the fundamental ecological importance that beaver management provides.”  Clay W., Ecotone Inc.

Oranogan County Highway Department Workshop, Chesaw, WA