missionThe Beaver Institute’s™ mission includes supporting scientific research to advance progressive beaver management.

To this end we are always expanding our website’s comprehensive library of beaver-related scientific studies. This enables researchers and others to rapidly locate key studies. If you are aware of any important beaver-related studies that we have not yet posted, please send them to us for inclusion in our library. Thank you.

We also partner with environmental researchers and others to support their scientific endeavors related to beavers. Our support can consist of technical and/or financial assistance. We are establishing a grant program exclusively for important beaver research.

Current Beaver Research Project Partnerships include: Ohio – Study on the water quality benefits of beaver dams and beaver dam analogs on agricultural runoff. Oregon – Facilitating salmonid passage where flow devices are used to control beaver damming behavior (pending), Maryland – Promoting progressive beaver management to cost-effectively improve water quality inflow to Chesapeake Bay with Ecotone Inc. (pending).

If you are interested in financial support to study an aspect of beaver biology, management, or the environmental effects of beavers, please contact us for additional information and assistance.

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