The purpose of the Connecticut Beaver Initiative is to assist property owners to non-lethally resolve beaver – human conflicts thereby increasing valuable beaver wetland acreage in the state.


Thanks to a generous grant from the Connecticut-based John T. and Jane A. Wiederhold Foundation, the Beaver Institute launched the Connecticut Beaver Initiative program in 2020 to financially assist affected landowners experiencing beaver problems, train Beaver Wetland Professionals in successful nonlethal, remediation techniques, and raise awareness of the beaver’s critical environmental importance in Connecticut.


Beavers are a Keystone species that increase biodiversity and support many endangered species. The wetlands they create improve climate change resilience in multiple ways. Unfortunately though, beaver activity can sometimes threaten human properties, so they are often killed to resolve the problem despite the existence of effective, non-lethal intervention options. The Connecticut Beaver Initiative aims to help landowners solve their problems nonlethally to preserve the many biological and climate change benefits of beavers.

How To Apply