How to Apply for a CBI Grant

Step 1 – Contact a professional beaver consultant (must be a CT licensed NWCO) for a site assessment

Step 2 – Obtain a cost estimate for nonlethal beaver management

Step 3 – Download a CBI grant application.

Step 4 – Complete and submit the grant application to our CBI Committee at:

Step 5 – Notify your professional beaver consultant if you are awarded a CBI grant.

Step 6 – Schedule your flow device installation with your professional beaver consultant.

Note: All CBI grant applications are reviewed by the volunteer CBI Grant Committee. The applicant must agree to avoid beaver removal unless no other nonlethal options exist.

Award amounts vary depending upon the availability of funds, the size of the project, the educational value, and the client’s financial need. Commonly grant awards are for a third of the flow device installation cost.

Examples of CBI Grant Projects