Beavers Build Climate Resilience

The Beaver Institute is spearheading an effort to raise policymaker awareness of the importance of beaver wetland restoration to fight climate change. Please add your name and organization to our growing coalition. The larger our coalition the more likely beaver wetland restoration efforts will be included in new government policies. Please see the attached letter and sign on today!

Climate Change Coalition Letter - April 2021


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Beaver dams retain water and build climate resilience

When the topic of climate change arises, beaver restoration is seldom considered a key tool to address this issue. That needs to change. Beavers build dams and wetlands that boost climate resilience naturally and cost-effectively. Beaver-created wetlands help many endangered species, increase general biodiversity, store and purify water, reduce wildfire damage, speed reforestation after fires, reduce storm flood events, recharge our ground water aquifers, and more. All these things build climate resilience, and beavers do them for free!

Lush Beaver-Created Wetland

Biologists consider beavers a “Keystone species” meaning their existence is necessary for ecosystems to effectively exist and operate.  As Ben Goldfarb wrote in his book Eager, “A beaver pond is more than a body of water supporting the needs of a group of beavers, but the epicenter of a whole dynamic ecosystem.”

Centuries ago beavers were trapped to near extinction for their valuable fur. They have made a remarkable comeback but at numbers far less than the landscape needs. Even now, tens of thousands are beavers are killed annually when their dams flood our properties, even though effective nonlethal alternatives exist.

Currently, grassroots groups across the country are building climate resilience by restoring beavers, and innovatively resolving human-beaver conflicts. These efforts need to be scaled significantly in the face of climate crisis.

Inquisitive by D. Slipp

The Beaver Institute, is striving to build a coalition of like-minded organizations to raise awareness and scale effective beaver wetland programs nationally in order to build more climate resilience.

Until we win the carbon emissions battle and reverse climate change, we need to preserve our remaining biodiversity and limit other climate change damage as much as possible. Beaver wetlands and Process Based-Restoration can help.

Beavers Build Climate Resilience. Time is short. Let’s Roll!

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Simply note your interest in being a Climate Change letter supporter on the contact form. Thank you!

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