Beaver Instituteā„¢

Imagine your deep inner satisfaction of solving beaver problems for people, while at the same time helping our planet.

Want a rewarding environmental job fighting climate change, restoring streams, increasing biodiversity and saving valuable wetland ecosystems? As a BeaverCorps Professional you can do all these things! It is extremely rewarding. šŸ™‚

If you like building things, working outdoors, and donā€™t mind getting wet or muddy this work may be for you.

The BeaverCorps is a new community of Beaver Institute trained professionals across North America who know how to non-lethally resolve human-beaver conflicts. They increase coexistence with beavers, an invaluable Keystone species, while resolving beaver problems for landowners in long-term, cost-effective, humane and environmentally friendly ways.

Innovatively solving real problems for people and improving our environment at the same time is incredibly satisfying!

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