Training Beaver Wetland Professionals

The Beaver Institute is proud to offer the first and only professional, non-lethal beaver management course. The online classes and field work are personally mentored by Beaver Institute President, Mike Callahan. All students learn the same successful, innovative beaver management techniques that he has successfully used since 1998 to resolve over 1,900 beaver-human conflicts.

“I can’t promise you will resolve over 1,900 beaver conflicts, but I can promise that we will give you the skills to do it.” – Mike Callahan

The Beaver Institute™

Jakob Shockey, The Beaver Coalition, OR

The BeaverCorps Training Program consists of two parts, and the entire course is done remotely.

Part 1 is a series of online lessons and exams. Each student will learn about beaver behavior and ecology, how to build and install successful water control devices to resolve beaver dam flooding problems, how to build and install beaver wetland restoration structures, and how to start, market and run a professional beaver business.

In Part 2 of the program each trainee applies this knowledge to 4 real-life beaver projects. Each student plans and installs four water control devices or beaver dam analogs (BDA’s) for local clients, while receiving extensive 1:1 mentoring with Mike Callahan and other Beaver Institute instructors. By the end of the program each graduate has the basic skills required to begin to professionally manage human-beaver conflicts and install BDA’s. They will also gain knowledge of how to start their own businesses to do this work.

Our BeaverCorps Professional Training Program is designed to be done remotely without the need for expensive and time consuming travel to our location. You are able to learn where you live!  Part 1 of of the Training Program takes 40 – 60 hours and is generally completed in 6 weeks. It is self-paced to fit into your schedule. The entire training course typically takes 6 – 12 months to complete.

BeaverCorps members are geographically dispersed across North America. We have a free, private online community where BeaverCorps graduates and trainees share and learn from each others experiences. We also have regular Zoom meetings to discuss topics of interest, and learn from guest speakers.

Beaver Institute

Successful Fence and Pipe Installation – Ecotone, MD staff

Each BeaverCorps member is promoted on our website so any landowner in their area with with a beaver issue can easily find and hire them. The Beaver Institute also offers its BeaverCorps members landowner assistance grants. Tuition for this program is very affordable. Please contact us for more information.

If you are passionate about nature, organized, intelligent and handy with tools, this work may be for you! Being part of a growing profession that finds a balance between solving human land use conflicts and keeping Nature’s Engineer on the landscape is incredibly rewarding.

To determine if this physically demanding work is for you, we suggest you watch the following instructional videos.

  1. Introduction to Flow Devices
  2. Flow Device Testimonials
  3. Pond Leveler Pipe Instructions
  4. Road Culvert Fence Instructions
  5. Fence and Pipe Culvert and Spillway Instructions

The total tuition for the BeaverCorps Training Program is $2,500.00 USD. Financial assistance may be available for those with a financial hardship. To apply for admission, please complete and submit the application below.

Thank you for considering joining our growing community of BeaverCorps professionals across North America doing valuable, necessary, and rewarding beaver wetland restoration work!  🙂

Beaver Benefits Handout

Flow Device Overview

BeaverCorps Training Program Syllabus

BeaverCorps Training Application

Tuition Assistance Application