Coming Next March - BeaverCON 2022

BeaverCON is a biennial, international conference on the east coast of the United States for professionals, researchers and practitioners to learn what works in beaver conflict management and methods to partner with beavers to cost-effectively restore watersheds and build climate resilience. BeaverCON was inspired by the west coast SURCP State of the Beaver Conference in Oregon, and will be held on alternating years.

Our inaugural conference, BeaverCON 2020 was held from March 3- 5, 2020 near Baltimore, MD. It was a huge success with over 160 attendees from North America and Europe.

BeaverCON 2022 will be held near Baltimore, MD March 8th-10th, 2022. For updates as we get closer, watch this website, or go directly to the BeaverCON conference website.


  • Restoration Professionals
  • Land Use Managers
  • Road/Infrastructure Specialists
  • Ecologists
  • Engineers
  • Policy makers
  • State and Federal Agencies

BeaverCON Website