Control Beaver Dam Flooding

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Flexible Pond Leveler being floated into place prior to submersion in pond.

Beavers build dams from sticks, rocks and mud to create ponds for their own safety and convenience as they are well adapted to water. These dams have immense ecological benefits, but sometimes serious flooding problems can occur for people. Fortunately, most beaver ponds can be safely controlled at a safe size with a well-designed Pond Leveler pipe. Where feasible, this flow device is a superior option to beaver trapping.

The exclusion fence on the pipe inlet prevents the beavers from detecting the flow of water into the pipe. Being unable to detect any water flow, the beavers will not try to block the pipe inlet. After sinking the intake fence in the pond, a trench is dug in the beaver dam to the desired water level and the pipe is buried in the dam at that height. The height of the pipe controls the pond level. The Pond Leveler pipe acts as  a permanent leak in the dam so the beaver pond is controlled at a safe level despite the presence of beavers.


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