Protect Road Culverts, Spillways and Drainage Structures

Fence and Pipe Device Protecting a Drain

A Fence and Pipe flow device is a very effective method to protect culverts, dam spillways, or other manmade drainage structures from beaver damming. An exclusion fence ensures the drainage structure remains completely open, and the Pond Leveler pipe installed through the fence controls the pond at a safe level. See Fence and Pipe Diagram.

The elevation of the Pond Leveler outlet pipe determines the pond level. The pipe outlet can be adjusted up or down for a higher or lower pond level. Water will continuously flow from the pipe outlet unless the pond level drops below the peak of the pipe.

The Pond Leveler intake fence prevents beavers from hearing or feeling the flow of water into the pipe. Therefore they ignore the intake end of the pipe, and only dam on the culvert fence where they hear the water flowing.

Unlike road culverts, Pond Leveler pipes do not need to be sized to handle catastrophic storm events. Heavy storm runoff can simply flow over the top of the dam on the fence and through the completely open culvert or spillway. Some mild pond fluctuations are possible during very wet periods, but the pond will be controlled at a safe level.

With routine maintenance of less than one hour per year a Fence and Pipe flow device will remain effective for many years. Beaver trapping is not needed once this device is installed.

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