Presentation at International Conference on Ecology & Transportation

In September 2021, our President Mike Callahan presented at the 11th biennial International Conference on Ecology & Transportation (ICOET). ICOET is the foremost interdisciplinary, interagency supported conference addressing the broad range of ecological issues related to transportation systems in all modes. Experts in transportation development, related scientific study, policy issues, and administrative processes gather every other year at ICOET to share current research, quality applications, and best practices that can enhance both the project development process and the ecological sustainability of all transportation modes (Source: ICOET website).

In his presentation, Mike discusses effective beaver management techniques to protect roads and infrastructure from beaver damming. Mike has over 20 years experience resolving over 1,800 beaver-human conflicts with the cost-effective devices described in the talk. The full 15-minute presentation can be viewed on YouTube below!