The purpose of the Connecticut Beaver Initiative is to assist property owners to non-lethally resolve beaver – human conflicts.


Thanks to a generous grant from the Connecticut-based John T. and Jane A. Wiederhold Foundation, the Beaver Institute has created the Connecticut Beaver Initiative program to financially assist affected landowners experiencing beaver problems, train beaver professionals in successful nonlethal remediation techniques, and raise awareness of the beaver’s critical importance in Connecticut as a Keystone species.


Beavers are a Keystone species critical to environmental health because their dams create valuable wetland ecosystems that increase biodiversity and support many endangered species. Unfortunately though, beaver activity can sometimes threaten human interests, and beavers are thus often killed to resolve the problem(s), despite the existence of non-lethal intervention options.

By increasing tolerance for this Keystone species we can reap tremendous environmental benefits. Click here to open “Beaver Benefits”


If you have a beaver conflict in Connecticut and want financial help from the Connecticut Beaver Initiative to resolve the problem non-lethally, use the link below to open the CBI Grant Application.  Fill out the document and return as per the instructions to the Beaver Institute.

If you would like training to professionally resolve beaver problems non-lethally, please click here to contact us.

If you have an organization that would be interested in learning more about the importance of beavers and proven methods to non-lethally resolve conflicts, please click here to contact us.

CBI Grant Application

2020 CBI Grants Awarded In:







Old Saybrook




Norfolk Conservation Beaver Webinar

Mike Callahan, President of the nonprofit Beaver Institute discusses beavers, their value, and how to successfully manage beaver problems when they occur. Mike also shares information on the Connecticut Beaver Initiative (CBI) a new grant program from the nonprofit Beaver Institute. The CBI assists local highway departments and other CT property owners resolve human-beaver conflicts nonlethally in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, humane, and long-term manner.

This new program is largely funded by the Connecticut-based John T. and Jane A. Wiederhold Foundation. Fifteen projects have already been completed this year, and while funds last, grant money remains available for any CT property owner, town, or organization experiencing a problem with beavers.

Norfolk Conservation Beaver Webinar Recording

Co-hosted by the Town of Norfolk, CT.

45 minutes.

Connecticut Beaver Initiative Project in Sharon, CT

Two month after the installation in Sharon, CT: all is  working well!

Here’s an article from the Tricorner News that describes what the Connecticut Beaver Initiative (CBI) is all about – solving beaver/human conflicts non-lethally, with better results for protecting the environment and landowners!  Read about CBI in action…

TriCorner News - Tricking Better Than Trapping For Town's Beavers

Connecticut Beaver Initiative Project in Bolton, CT

Here’s another article, this one from Bolton Land Trust, (Bolton, CT) describing and showing pictures of another successful Connecticut Beaver Initiative project:

Bolton Land Trust Musing