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Partnering with Beaver to Restore Wetland

Mark Beardsley with EcoMetrics in Colorado presents on the benefits of partnering with beaver to restore wetlands. Learn more about Process Based Restoration, Beaver Relocation, and more in this webinar, presented to Society of Wetland Scientists on April 20, 2021

Great Expectations: Deconstructing the Process Pathways Underlying Beaver-Related Restoration

Although the beaver-related restoration has broad appeal, especially in water-limited systems, its effectiveness is not yet well documented. This article presents a process-expectation framework that links beaver-related restoration tactics to commonly expected outcomes by identifying the set of process pathways that must occur to achieve those expected outcomes. Due to changes in expectations, a more useful paradigm for evaluating process-based restoration would be to identify relevant processes and to rigorously document how projects do or do not proceed along expected process pathways using both quantitative and qualitative data.

Ecosystem services provided by beavers Castor spp.

We aimed to recognise beaver-produced ecosystem services and quantify their theoretical value for the entire Northern Hemisphere.