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Working with Beaver to Restore Salmon Habitat in the Bridge Creek Intensively Monitored Watershed

Tested how assisting beaver to create stable colonies and aggrade incised reaches of Bridge Creek could create measurable improvements in riparian and stream habitat conditions and abundance of native steelhead.

Salmon Beaver Dam videos

A collection of YouTube video links about salmon passage at beaver dams.

Beaver: Nature’s ecosystem engineers

This review summarizes how beaver impact ecosystem structure and geomorphology, hydrology and water resources, water quality, freshwater ecology, and humans and society.

Beaver Benefits Info Sheet

Educational handout on the benefits of beaver ponds. Permission to distribute.

Beaver Benefits and Controlling Impacts

Educational article on the value of beavers by the Habitat Program supporting fish habitat conservation and restoration across Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho. Includes video and other helpful links.

Beaver Effects on Trout and Salmon

Multiple studies cited showing an overall beneficial effect of beaver dams on salmon and trout.

Beaver in Tidal Marshes – Dam Effects on Low-Tide Channel Pools and Fish Use of Estuarine Habitat 2012


Beaver dams in tidal estuaries have significant benefits for multiple fish species.

The Importance of Beaver Ponds to Coho Salmon Production in the Stillaguamish River Basin, Washington, USA

NOAA study of beaver habitat effects on Coho salmon reproduction and growth in Washington state.

A Review of Beaver-Salmonid Relationships and History of Management Actions in the Western Great Lakes (U.S.) Region

A review of the history of beavers and salmonids in the western Great Lakes Region. They found that beaver activity is often deleterious to salmonids in low gradient stream basins but is generally beneficial in high gradient basins

Leave It To Beavers To Help Salmon?


They found that beaver dams can inhibit migration, and can also increase siltation, which degrades salmon spawning habitat.

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