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Dispersal, Boundary Processes, and Trophic-Level Interactions in Streams Adjacent to Beaver Ponds

I. Schlosser performed a long-term study to analyze changes to species density, fish predation, and precipitation over time in beaver ponds and their associated streams. In addition to an experiment that looked at the effects of these temporal changes on invertebrates. Yearly, there were significant variations in the amount of precipitation. The researcher suggests that dispersal is a significant factor in determining fish density and diversity, as well as effects of their predation on invertebrates.

Impact of Beaver Dams on Abundance and Distribution of Anadromous Salmonids in Two Lowland Streams in Lithuania

European beaver dams impeded movements of anadromous salmonids as it was established by fishing survey, fish tagging and redd counts in two lowland streams in Lithuania.

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The general ecology of beavers (Castor spp.) as related to their influence on stream ecosystems and riparian habitats, and the subsequent effects on fish – a review

Whether beaver-induced changes of fish populations are beneficial or harmful will depend on the prevailing constraints on local fish species composition and abundance.

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Beaver Impact on Stream Fish Life Histories – The Role of Landscape and Local Attributes

Researchers examined interactions between beaver and fish communities in the types of streams selected for Eurasian beaver re-colonization. They found several critical elements of fish communities in these mountain streams that relate to beaver activity and its effects.

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Ecology and Movement of Juvenile Salmonids in Beaver Influenced and Beaver-Free Tributaries in the Trøndelag province of Norway

Study of salmon and trout movement upstream and downstream of beaver dams, and how the dams effect them

A Critical Review of the Effects of Beavers Upon Fish and Fish Stocks

A review by the University of Southampton of how the reintroduction of beaver will affect fish in Scotalnd

Qualitative and Quantitative Effects of Reintroduced Beavers on Stream Fish

Review of research about the positive and negative effects of beaver towards fish

Do Beaver Dams Impede the Movement of Trout?

An investigation into whether beaver dams impact the movement of trout

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Dredge Creek Coho & The Impact of Beavers 2014

Article that investigates the relationship between beavers and coho salmon in the Mendenhall Recreational Area, Alaska

Effects of Beaver on Trout in Sagehen Creek, California 1961


Study on how the increase of beavers along Sagehen Creek affect the trout in it

Final ESA Recovery Plan for Oregon Coast Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) 2016

This recovery plan provides guidance to improve the viability of coho salmon to the point that it meets the delisting criteria and no longer requires ESA protection. It includes strong recommendations to increase the number of beaver and recommends the use of BDAs to restore rearing habitat for salmon.

Guidelines for Salmonid Passage at Stream Crossings

This document provides guidelines for design of stream crossings to aid upstream and downstream passage of migrating salmonids, and is intended to facilitate the design of a new
generation of stream crossings.

Hydrologic and Geomorphic Effects of Beaver Dams and Their Influence on Fishes

This assesses how beaver dams effect fish habitat and how the removal of them may affect the fish

Influence of Beaver Activity on Summer Growth and Condition of Age-2 Atlantic Salmon Parr 2006

Study of the effects of an ephemeral beaver pond on the growth and maturity of age-2 Atlantic salmon in Eastern Canada

Maine Department of Transportation Fish Passage Policy and Design Guide

A policy, process, and design guide with best management practices for fish passage

Trout and Salmon Movements in Two Idaho Streams as Related to Temperature, Food, Stream Flow, Cover, and Population Density

Comparison data on temperature, food abundance, stream flow, cover and population density with trout and salmon movements.

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