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Prescott Peninsula Beaver Survey Results – 2022

There were 13 active sites documented on the Prescott Peninsula during the 2022 survey; 12 were within interior routes (31% occupation rate) and 1 found along the shoreline. Two of the interior routes each had two active sites. The remaining active routes had one active site. The shoreline site was found on the eastern side of the peninsula. In 2021 there were 10 active beaver sites within the interior routes, and two found along the shoreline. Six of the same survey routes had active beaver sites in both 2021 and 2022. There were four re-colonized routes in 2022 (i.e., not active in 2021 but active in 2022). The 20-year average is 13 (33% occupation rate) for number of active beaver sites within the interior routes. Active beaver lodges along the peninsula shoreline have ranged from 0 in 1952 when the surveys began, to a high of 17 in  1974. However, over the years since, the number of active lodges along the shoreline has continued to decline, with an average of 2 active sites for the past 20 years. Locations of active sites are shown in Figure 1. Long-term population trends for beaver on the Prescott Peninsula over the last 50+ years are summarized in Figure 2.