Tag Results: Management Plans


Project: Hydrological Impact of Beaver Habitat Restoration in the Milwaukee River Watershed

A comprehensive study evaluating how restoring beaver dams could significantly protect the city of Milwaukee from future flood vents and the significant cost savings of this nature-based management approach versus traditional flood prevention engineering.

Billerica Municipal Beaver Management Program Analysis, 2000 – 2019

This landmark 20 year study compares traditional lethal beaver control versus nonlethal management methods in the town of Billerica, MA. A total of 55 beaver conflict sites were studied. Sites that were managed with nonlethal control methods cost taxpayers significantly less than sites that were managed with beaver removal, and provided millions of dollars of ecological services to the town annually that would have been lost with beaver removal.

Landowner Incentives and Tolerances for Managing Beaver Impacts in Oregon

This study by the Oregon DFW and the OWEB used surveys to examine OR residents opinions about beavers.

Techniques for Mitigating Human/Beaver Conflicts in Urban and Suburban Environments 2016

Mitigating human/beaver conflicts in urban and suburban environments.

Beavers and Conservation in Oregon Coastal Watersheds

Summary of the benefits of beavers, their conflicts with humans, and the policies and conditions that affect their survival

Management Strategy for Beavers – Town of Salisbury, VT

The most sustainable, long-term solutions to beaver-human conflicts happen to be non-lethal practices.

Mitigating Human-Beaver Conflicts through Adaptive Management

This research project assessed the efficacy of pond levelling devices to mitigate flooding by beavers in Beaver County, Alberta.

Reintegrating the North American Beaver (Castor Canadensis) in the Urban Landscape

This paper examines how to anticipate the implications of beaver reintroduction in the design of wetlands and urban natural areas. Three case studies in Seattle, WA, are presented to identify various approaches, successes, and management strategies.