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Beaver Exclusion-Turtle Passage & Reptile Exclusionary Fence Concept Designs: Literature Review and Field Testing

The purpose of this research was to assess whether there is an integrated approach to providing both turtle passage and beaver exclusion from drainage culverts on highways managed by the Ministry of Transportation.

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Solving Beaver Flooding Problems through the Use of Water Flow Control Devices

This paper describes the social and ecological context for current beaver problems, how WFCDs function, gives installation and maintenance tips, and presents results of two surveys that assessed the effectiveness of WFCDs in alleviating beaver flooding problems in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Tips for non-exclusionary culvert protection structures

The Beaver Patrol (in Juneau, Alaska) developed a culvert protector that allows in-stream movement of larger fish, turtles, and other animals, while preventing beavers from placing larger wood into culverts.

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Control of Beaver Flooding at Restoration Projects 2001

Describes alternatives to control undesirable flooding caused by beavers at wetland restoration projects

DVD Review – The Best Management Practices: Long Term Solutions to Beaver Dam Flooding 2010

A review of “The Best Management Practices: Long Term Solutions to Beaver Dam Flooding 2010”, an instructional DVD for flow devices

Beaver Management Flow Device Study 2003

A 2003 landmark study of flow device success rates at 277 beaver-human conflict sites in Massachusetts.