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CO2 and CH4 Flux Between a Boreal Beaver Pond and the Atmosphere

Report on the results of continuous measurements of CO2 and CH4 fluxes made in the Boreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study during the ice-free season of the 1994 field campaign.


Beaver in the Drainage Basin: an Ecosystem Engineer Restores Wetlands in the Boreal Landscape

The research gathered in this paper discusses the beaver’s effects on: wetland carbon cycling, riparian forest structure, and biodiversity. This thesis also covers the relationship between beaver populations and the existence of wetlands, particularly the way in which beavers are an essential part of wetland ecosystems.

Potential mitigation of and adaptation to climate-driven changes in California’s highlands through increased beaver populations

Evaluating the potential for beaver to adapt to and to mitigate anticipated changes in California’s higher elevation land- and waterscapes.

Ecosystem services provided by beavers Castor spp.

We aimed to recognise beaver-produced ecosystem services and quantify their theoretical value for the entire Northern Hemisphere.

Beaver Activity Increases Aquatic Subsidies to Terrestrial Consumers

Study on how beavers alter freshwater ecosystems and increase aquatic production to determine how these changes influence the magnitude and lateral dispersal of aquatic nutrients into terrestrial ecosystems

Landscape-scale Carbon Storage Associated with Beaver Dams 2013

Study on how beaver-created wetlands store carbon and help with climate change

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Meta-analysis of environmental effects of beaver in relation to artificial dams

An analysis between the differences of beaver dams and artificial dams and their impacts on the wetlands they occupy

Tackling the Climate Crisis with the help of Wolves and Beavers

This article by the Pacific Wolf Coalition describes the many ways that the natural activities of wolves and beavers can help build climate resilience.

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Effects of Beaver Impoundments on Dissolved Organic Matter Quality and Biodegradability in Boreal Riverine Systems

Assessment of the changes in dissolved organic matter quality and the biodegradation patterns in beaver systems across Sweden

An indigenous tribe in Washington is strategically placing beavers around to help salmon

An indigenous tribe in Washington is strategically placing beavers around to help salmon.

Beavers Could Be A Key Species For Endangered Salmon Recovery In Oregon


Recent guidance from the federal government is, for the first time, promoting the importance of beavers in the recovery of endangered salmon.

Salmon Break Through a Beaver Dam

This time lapse camera video shows chum salmon at Chico Creek navigating a beaver dam.

How coastal beavers are helping salmon recover in Washington

Beavers on the coast are helping salmon bounce back.