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Case Studies of Long-term Changes from Beaver Restoration Activities


This third webinar in the ASWM-BLM Beaver Restoration Webinar Series focused on the long-term changes in riverscapes that result from beaver restoration.  Where intense stream restoration is needed, people are identifying low-tech process-based methods that combine the management of grazing, beaver and other approaches that engage processes to create self-sustaining solutions.

Landscape-scale Carbon Storage Associated with Beaver Dams 2013


Study on how beaver-created wetlands store carbon and help with climate change

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Saving the Dammed – Why We Need Beaver-Modified Ecosystems


“Saving the Dammed” is a well-researched book that analyzes the effect that beavers and the absence of beavers have on stream ecosystems. The author follows the month by month changes in a single beaver meadow over an entire year in Colorado. 2019

Of Wood and Rivers: Bridging the Perception Gap


The influence of beavers bringing more wood into rivers and river corridors