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As 2021 draws to a close, it is a time for reflection and gratitude here at the Beaver Institute. We accomplished a great deal in 2021 despite the many challenges we all faced. So we all have much to be grateful for.

Beaver Institute

Photo by D. Slipp

As an organization, it has been so gratifying to see the fruits of our volunteer labors, which range from enrolling our 38th professional BeaverCorps Training Program member, the many successful BeaverCorps flow device installations across North America, the many landowner flow device incentive grants we awarded, our new website reaching over 100 visitors a day, our expanded social media efforts, the 30+ organizations that joined our effort to raise the Beaver IQ of policymakers, and more. 

In 2022 we plan to do even more, including organizing nationwide partner organizations to create a National Beaver BioBank Program. We are also optimistically looking forward to hosting BeaverCON 2022 in March. 

As the year ends we remain very grateful to all our old and new friends who believe in us and supported our current 2021 Year-End Matching Fundraiser. This year we set a very ambitious goal of $10,000.00, plus a $10,0000 match. To date we have received $5,686.78 in donations. Even though we are unlikely to raise the additional $4,313.22 plus the match to reach our lofty $20,000 goal, we are touched and grateful for your outpouring of support. 

If you haven’t donated yet, our matching Year-End Fundraiser ends in 4 days, so please donate now to double your donation!


Our heartfelt thanks also go out to anyone who is unable to financially support us at this time, but is as committed as we are to creating a society that values, embraces and cherishes coexistence with beavers and our entire natural world. 

The BI Board of Directors, our wonderful volunteers, and I wish each and every one of you and your loved ones, a memorable 2022 filled with love, joy, good health and peace!

Happy New Year!   Mike Callahan

P.S. – We hope to see you at BeaverCON 2022 in a few months. To register, sponsor or present at BeaverCON 2022 please go to