Giving Tuesday Gratitude – Monthly Donor Highlight

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Wow! What a great kickoff to our Year-End Fundraiser! This is not just a time for giving, but a time for gratitude. We are so grateful to everyone who has supported our mission of advancing beaver management.

This year on Giving Tuesday, please consider adding your support!


Our goal this year is to raise $10,000. Thanks to you, we are already making amazing progress! Last week, our generous donors helped to raise $1,389.18, almost 15% of our goal! These donations will go twice as far this year thanks to a dollar-for-dollar match from two generous supporters.

For many of us, finances are tight and smaller monthly donations are easier to manage. So, in the spirit of Giving Tuesday, we are applying matching gifts to the total of the 12 expected monthly donations that anyone offers for the upcoming year! This can help you budget and still get all your donations doubled! Some of our donors choose the monthly approach for budgeting purposes and to and maintain their support of our mission all year long!

Hear from one of our monthly supporters, Janet Thew, who has supported the Beaver Institute with a monthly donation since Jaunary 2019:


“I first fell in love with beavers when we bought our CA wetlands property in 1999. We loved the wildlife but didn’t realize there was a beaver family living on it! We celebrated them for years and even sued the HOA to protect them, but they mysteriously disappeared. One of the most heartbreaking chapters of my life. I learned of Beaver Institute at the State of the Beaver conference in Oregon a few years ago, and knew I wanted to support their efforts to train and educate others on the magnificent value of beavers. This is valuable work!” – Janet Thew | Asheville, NC


If you’re unable to give, or you’ve already supported our Year-End Fundraiser, please consider sharing this information with your community! There is strength in numbers, and we would love your help spreading our mission to promote beaver coexistence.


Donors may also support us via check to:

Beaver Institute, Inc.
14 Mountain Road
Southampton, MA 01073

Thank you!

Mike Callahan, President, and the Beaver Institute Board of Directors

P.S. Don’t forget, when you give between now and the end of the year, your support will have TWICE the impact thanks to a time-limited dollar-for-dollar matching offer. Click here to make your gift today.