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MA Town Highway Beaver Control Training

MA Town Highway Beaver Control Training

The Beaver Institute partnered with the U Mass Transportation Center and taught six training workshops for Municipal Highway Department staff across Massachusetts this summer. The workshops were in such great demand they all filled up, and were so successful that more workshops are in the works.

Beaver Corps Training Program Update – We accepted and are currently training 8 students (from ME, NY, VA, IA, CO, MT, OR, and B.C.) to be professional flow device installers. They are all completing the online training half of the program and are all doing very well. Most of the current Beaver Corps students will be ready to start flow device site assessments and installations very soon. Each flow device project will be mentored by me.

Every Beaver Corps student was able to receive tuition assistance from last year’s fundraiser. Thank you to every donor! We are able to accept one additional student per month. If you know someone who would be good at this work encourage them to apply.

An East Coast Beaver Conference is soon to be a reality! Co-hosted by the Beaver Institute and Ecotone Inc., we are inspired by and wish to complement the successful SURCP State of the Beaver Conference in OR. It is named BeaverCON 2020 and will be held near Baltimore, MD this March. This conference will be held every other year, alternating years with the west coast SURCP Conference. This means we can now have an international beaver conference every year! So much is happening with beavers that we need an annual conference.

Beaver Institute

BeaverCON 2020

A Save-The-Date official notice will be released soon. However, readers of this blog can have a sneak preview now! ? Check out our website: www.BeaverCON.org. Enjoy! We already have a lot of great speakers lined up. I hope to see you in Baltimore in March!

Beaver On at BeaverCON!