Beavers are a critically valuable Keystone species but they sometimes cause serious problems for people. Traditionally these beavers were killed or relocated resulting in a loss of their environmental benefits. Fortunately though, newer proven techniques allow the majority of beaver problems to be solved without the need to kill or relocate the beavers. If you have a beaver issue and would like to learn the best way to resolve it, we can help.

The Beaver Institute is proud to be able to offer free educational videos that can teach you successful methods to resolve various beaver dam flooding issues. To learn how to build and install innovative flow devices to solve your beaver dam flooding problem in the most cost-effective, long-term, humane, and environmentally friendly way possible, click HERE. Upon receipt of your request we will send you your self-help video links.

The following video is an introduction to the instructional videos that we can provide you upon request free of charge if you click HERE to sign up.

Introduction to Flow Devices

"Introduction to Flow Devices" Instructional Videos

Want to see more? Click HERE to request your FREE How-To Instructional videos. Learn how to resolve your beaver flooding issue yourself in a long-term, environmentally friendly manner using these proven devices.

We are grateful to our volunteer partners for creating and sharing their valuable educational videos. If you find these videos helpful, please consider a tax deductible donation so we may continue to offer them at no cost to others who need them. Thank you.

Flow Device Testimonials

Professional Beaver Management Training

For those interested in learning how to manage beaver flooding and other issues professionally for others, we offer an advanced beaver management training course. To learn more please click HERE.