Connecticut Beaver Initiative

While beavers build dams that create biodiversity and have many other benefits, sometimes these dams can cause serious flooding problems for people. When this happens the beavers are all too often killed and their dams removed. To improve this situation, the Beaver Institute Inc. is excited to announce an innovative program for the state of Connecticut to help property owners and municipalities resolve these human-beaver conflicts nonlethally.

This new Connecticut program is the result of the John T. and Jane A. Wiederhold Foundation of Connecticut awarding the nonprofit Beaver Institute Inc. a $25,500.00 grant to support nonlethal beaver control efforts within the state.

The Wiederhold grant will be used by the Beaver Institute to financially assist CT property owners use nonlethal techniques to resolve beaver-related flooding problems, and to train experts to implement these successful techniques.  We are pleased to be able to financially assist Connecticut property owners and towns resolve beaver conflicts in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, humane, and long-term manner. Our hope is to use this program as a model that can eventually be used throughout all of North America.

The Wiederhold Foundation was created for the purpose of protecting and improving the welfare of animals of all kinds, the promotion of veterinary programs, and the protection of wildlife, including endangered species, flora and fauna.

Grant money will be available to any CT property owner, town or organization experiencing a problem with beavers while funds last.