2020 Year End Update

Hello Beaver Believer,

Despite a very challenging 2020, the Beaver Institute has been able to achieve some significant advances for beavers this year. Please see our blog for the exciting details.

Happy Holidays!

Mike Callahan and the BI Board of Directors


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Why Give a DAMn? – Water Quality

Categories: Education | Research

Clean Water is Precious, Essential for Life – Viewed from space, Earth is a water planet. Yet 97.5% of our planet’s water is undrinkable saline. Only 2.5% of all water is freshwater, and the majority of that is locked up, frozen in glaciers and polar ice. Surface freshwater makes up only 0.03% of all our planet’s water. We need to protect this essential resource. Beavers can help! How cool is that? Please read more.

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