Why Give a DAMn? – Water Storage

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Water is essential to life. Where water is scarce, beavers can help. Beaver dams store water when it is plentiful and slowly release it during dry periods when it is needed most. Beavers perform this important life supporting service naturally and for free.

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Why Give a DAMn? – Stream Restoration

Why Give a DAMn? There are many reasons beavers we need beavers. Reason #1: Stream Restoration

In the absence of beaver dams, erosion degrades streams and watersheds resulting in poorer water quality, quantity, and loss of biodiversity. Streams with beaver dams actually recover from the destructive effects of erosion and healthy watersheds can be restored.

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Biodiversity, Beavers, and Me

Educating the public about the value of the ecosystem, biodiversity, and watershed services beavers provide is a critical component of improving society’s stewardship of the earth. While this knowledge is critical, individual direct experiences in nature can profoundly impact a person and motivate them to put that knowledge into action. At least that was true in my case….

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