Beaver Corps Training Program and Fundraiser Update

Nearly 2 weeks ago the Beaver Institute launched a new Beaver Corps training program with a corresponding fundraiser. I have some good news and some bad news. Interest in our new Professional Beaver Corps training program has far exceeded our expectations. We are thrilled at the number of people interested in learning successful techniques to non-lethally resolve beaver conflicts. The bad news is that our all-volunteer organization is now in greater need of financial support to train all these students. Please consider helping us financially, no matter how modest. Thank you.
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Beaver Institute Celebrates First Year

The Beaver Institute Celebrates its First Year and Launches Training Program !!!

In recognition of both our one year anniversary and the launching of our exciting new Beaver Corps training program, we are announcing a Matching Fund Drive for student scholarships.
Large or small, double your donation and imagine the satisfaction of helping a worthy student and how many beavers and ecosystems they will preserve!

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Biodiversity, Beavers, and Me

Educating the public about the value of the ecosystem, biodiversity, and watershed services beavers provide is a critical component of improving society’s stewardship of the earth. While this knowledge is critical, individual direct experiences in nature can profoundly impact a person and motivate them to put that knowledge into action. At least that was true in my case….

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Our new “Safe Roads Initiative”

The Beaver Institute, Inc. is proud to launch its “Safe Roads Initiative” to help resolve beaver damming issues at road culverts nationwide.

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Help Wanted. Let’s Roll!

In my last blog I wrote about the need to rapidly spread knowledge about the many benefits of beavers and effective beaver management tools. Beaver Institute Inc. was formed to serve as the catalyst for this change on a continental scale.

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Why was the Beaver Institute started?

Over the last 20 years as scientists have learned more about the many valuable environmental benefits of beavers, interest in them has risen dramatically across North America and overseas.

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