Our new “Safe Roads Initiative”

If all road culverts in this country were protected properly from beaver damming, then taxpayers, road crews, beavers, biodiversity, water storage and watersheds would all benefit.

To make this vision a reality the Beaver Institute, Inc. is proud to announce our first nationwide program, called the “Safe Roads Initiative”. We are prepared to provide beaver control expertise to any interested Highway Department in the country. As the testimonials and instructional videos at www.beaverinstitute.org/education/youtube-videos/ show, road crews can save significant time, save money, increase road safety, and improve wildlife passage and stewardship with these proven techniques.Contact us to find out more!”

In addition to providing expertise, we plan to raise funds this winter to incentivize flow device installations by Highway Departments or local professional installers. Therefore, we also hope to train interested people to install successful flow devices across the country.

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Help Wanted. Let’s Roll!

In my last blog I wrote about the need to rapidly spread knowledge about the many benefits of beavers and effective beaver management tools. Beaver Institute Inc. was formed to serve as the catalyst for this change on a continental scale.

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Why was the Beaver Institute started?

Over the last 20 years as scientists have learned more about the many valuable environmental benefits of beavers, interest in them has risen dramatically across North America and overseas.

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