BeaverCorps Spotlight: Art Garcia & Garrett Krug, Ecotone, Inc.

Posted In: Beaver Management

Garrett Krug and Art Garcia work for Ecotone, Inc., an ecological restoration company in Maryland. Hear from Garrett as he describes their experience completing their first flow device installation!

“As we started pursuing more Beaver mitigation type projects, Ecotone decided to send us to complete the BeaverCorps training and become certified in Beaver mitigation so we could be better equipped to handle these types of projects.

Our first flow device installation was a pond leveler device which we installed near the Greenbelt D.C. area. The beaver dam on site was causing ponding which covered 3 manholes that needed to be accessed with about 3′ of water needing to be lowered. We knew that this device was intended to be temporary, so we were willing to lower the water level so aggressively.

We built the device with 2 – 20’ sections of 18″ in HDPE. We put the intake about 35′ above the dam in the deepest section possible and the discharge 3′ lower in the dam extending about 3′ past the dam. Our solution was a success and dropped the water level about 3′, which allowed the construction workers to access the desired manholes. Later this year, after construction is finished, we will be returning to remove the device and return the beaver pond to its natural depth.

Garret Krug and Art Garcia are in the process of completing the BeaverCorps Training Program, and will soon become Certified Beaver Wetland Professionals. They are both members in good standing of the Beaver Institute’s International BeaverCorps Association!