BeaverCON 2020 Wrap Up

BeaverCON 2020 Presenters

We were extremely fortunate that the inaugural BeaverCON 2020 east coast beaver conference was scheduled just in time to beat the Coronavirus shutdown! How wonderful the gathering of 160 international beaver experts and beaver curious seemed at the time, and how much more precious those 3 days seem during these ensuing days of pandemic social distancing!

The BeaverCON organizing committee would like to extend our sincere thank you to every attendee and to all our wonderful sponsors. Special thanks go out to our 40 esteemed presenters, without whom the conference would not have been possible. The expertise you freely shared enriched us, challenged us, enlightened us, and inspired us to take what we learned and make this a better world for beavers and us all.

I am pleased to report that our committee has reviewed all the feedback from the conference. Thank you for all of the compliments, and thank you also for the many great ideas that we can incorporate into BeaverCON 2022. As a special thank you we have created a new webpage for BeaverCON attendees at With the attendee password you should have received by e-mail, you will be able to access BeaverCON presentations, attendee contact info, pictures and more! Enjoy.

On behalf of Scott McGill, his tremendous Ecotone Inc. staff, and the Beaver Institute team, thank you again. And we hope to see you all in Canyonville, Oregon next year for the legendary SURCP State of the Beaver Conference.