Beaver Institute Spring Update

Good news. I am happy to report that a lot of exciting things are happening with the Beaver Institute!

Beaver Institute™


First, I am especially proud of the progress of our first Beaver Corps professional flow device installers as they move through the didactic portion of our training program. We currently have students from ME, NY, VA, IA, CO, OR and B.C. Some of the students are nearly ready to start field work, which will be great to see.

In partnership with Ecotone, Inc. the Beaver Institute is also currently planning the first east coast Beaver Conference in 2020. We will alternate years with the excellent SURCP State of the Beaver Conference. So much is happening in the beaver world that we need an annual gathering. Annually alternating west and east coast conferences will help expand the awareness of the value of beavers and nonlethal management. Our conference will be held in the Baltimore / D.C. area next March. Thanks go to the SURCP organizers Stan and Leonard for their support and guidance as we move forward on this massive endeavor. We will keep you updated on the conference details as they become finalized.

Last week we successfully held the first of our six beaver management workshops for local Highway Departments in partnership with the Univ. of Massachusetts Baystate Roads Program. We had 30 attendees and had to turn others away. Highway departments deal with more beaver problems than any other group, so this is an important group to reach. We we have 5 more workshops across the state in the next 5 weeks, and hope this program will be expanded nationally.

In addition, our Beaver Institute website continues to reach more people, now over 3,000 per month and climbing. We are distributing helpful beaver information to people nearly everyday!

These are just a few of our first steps on a long journey, but what a journey it is! To paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward coexistence.”

If you would like to help us with this important and rewarding volunteer work, please contact me at No matter what your skills or lack thereof, we have something you can help with. Thanks for considering us.

Beaver on all!