Beaver Institute Celebrates First Year

WETLANDS AND THE SPECIES THAT LIVE IN THEM ARE DISAPPEARING!!! Beavers are the answer, so the Beaver Institute, Inc. was created with the Mission to advance non-lethal beaver management through technical and financial assistance, supporting scientific research, and training beaver conflict mitigation professionals.

As President, I am proud to share with you some of our first year accomplishments:

  1. Federally approved as a national 501(c)3 nonprofit.
  2. Incorporated in Massachusetts.
  3. Created a website helping over 700 users per month, and rising!
  4. Provided technical advice in 27 States, 5 Canadian Provinces and Europe.
  5. 100% of donations go directly to our beaver programs.
  6. Created Introduction to Flow Devices and Professional Beaver Management training courses.
Beaver Institute™

Learning to Install a Pond Leveler flow device.

For the upcoming year we are excited to start training beaver specialists. Our goal is to train 100 professionals in 5 years to promote coexistence with beavers across North America. Beaver Institute course graduates will embrace the critical role that beavers play in creating vital and vibrant ecosystems and learn the technical skills needed to nonlethally resolve beaver conflicts. For more training course info go to:

In recognition of both our one year anniversary and the launching of our training program, we are announcing a Matching Fund Drive for student scholarships. Your support can help a worthy student learn and implement nonlethal solutions to beaver issues.

If you act now, your donation will be matched, dollar for dollar (up to a total of $5,000), by one of our kind supporters. Please generously contribute to our efforts to train progressive beaver professionals via PayPal.

Large or small, double your donation and imagine the satisfaction of learning which grateful student received your assistance and how many beavers and ecosystems they will preserve! Thank you.

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Michael W. Callahan, President

Beaver Institute, Inc.