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April 12, 2022 – Beaver Institute Names Adam Burnett as its First Director

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The Revelator – The Free Agent Beaver (Op-Ed), co-authored by BI Executive Director Adam Burnett

New York Times – It Was War. Then, a Rancher’s Truce With Some Pesky Beavers Paid Off

CBS News – Scientists use beavers to create drought and fire-resistant landscapes

Mother Jones – Beavers are Finally Getting the Rebrand they Deserve

LA Times – California says the beaver can be superhero in fighting climate change

Calgary Herald – Airdie to stop trapping and kill beavers until environmental assessment complete

San Francisco Chronicle – Why this under appreciated rodent is one of California’s best chances to fight climate change

Vox – Beavers are heat wave heroes

Bioneers – How Massive Rodents Could Restore Landscapes and Ecosystems at Scale

New Mexico Political Report – Beaver dam analogues bring ecosystem benefits in areas where habitats won’t support beavers

The Earth&I: Leave It to Beavers

CBC Radio – An unlikely ally in the face of wildfires and droughts: the humble beaver

Core77 – This Beaver-Centered College Course Makes a Case for Designing Beyond Human Perspectives

Bay Weekly – Learning from Beavers

FOX Weather – Beavers bring relief to drought-stricken California

Capital Press – Gerald Winegrad: The key to restoring our watersheds? The industrious beaver