Our Fabulous Financial Supporters

We are very grateful to the following organizations for their generous financial support of our mission:

The Animal Welfare Institute
The development of this Beaver Institute website and other initiatives were initiated in anticipation of continued support from the Animal Welfare Institute. Despite our appeal request being outside their usual funding parameters they were once again showed their support for our mission and were exceptionally generous with a $10,000 grant. Previous generous grants from the Animal Welfare Institute funded the development of the Beaver Solutions flow device instructional DVD (offered for free on this website), as well as the research and development of the Snohomish Pond Leveler which successfully facilitates the spawning migration of endangered wild salmon. Their continued support and financial assistance has stimulated tremendous management advances for beavers, salmon recovery, biodiversity and our watersheds. We are eternally grateful. Please visit them at https://awionline.org/.

Prince Lobel Tye LLP – Boston, MA
The law offices of Prince Lobel Tye LLP in Boston, MA have generously provided pro bono legal expertise to the Beaver Institute from its inception. They worked to establish the Beaver Institute as a charitable nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation recognized by the state of Massachusetts and the Federal government. The Beaver Institute is indebted to them for their efforts on our behalf. Visit them at http://www.princelobel.com/.

Special Partners and Friends