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The Beaver Institute is Expanding and Wants You!

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It is no secret that we need more beavers across North America, but how do we make that happen? Here are some of the ways our very small, all-volunteer nonprofit is having a positive impact:

Website – Now reaching over 100 visitors per day! See

BeaverCON 2020 – Co-hosted the very successful BeaverCON 2020 International Conference in March. See

BeaverCorps Training Program – Currently training 20 flow device experts across N. America, and growing. See

Connecticut Beaver Initiative – We are increasing flow device use in a state where free, lethal trapping is offered. Launched in April, we are successfully providing grant money to incentivize flow device installations in CT, are training more flow device experts in CT, and have a free webinar scheduled on August 4, 2020. For more info see:

It is amazing what passionate volunteers and their supporters can accomplish!

Despite this impactful work, the opportunities for the Beaver Institute to increase beaver appreciation and coexistence across North America are bigger than our small, all-volunteer nonprofit can currently handle. We need more team members to meet these opportunities, so I am appealing to you for help. While all volunteers are welcome, we particularly need:

  • Bookkeeper trained in QuickBooks
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Grant Writer
  • Fundraiser
  • Website Librarian
  • Volunteer Coordinator

We all have busy lives, so we are asking for only a 1 hour / week commitment per volunteer. If you can do this, I guarantee it will be time well spent. As a Beaver Institute team member you will feel very proud of the positive impact you will have for beavers and for all the valuable environmental benefits they generate.

To learn more, please contact me at Thank you for considering joining our all-volunteer Beaver Institute team!


Mike Callahan, President

Beaver Institute Inc.

P.S. – For those unable to volunteer their time, please consider supporting this work with a tax-deductible donation. Click here. Thank you.