2020 Year End Update

2020 Fundraiser Goal = $5,000.00

Total on Day 13  = $2,767.51

Thank you very much!

We are 55.3% to our goal with

7 days to go!

Updated 12/23/20


“Beaver Rising” by Dick Slipp – Like this beaver, the Beaver Institute continues to rise to the occasion.

Hello Beaver Believer,

As a very challenging 2020 winds down to a close, the Beaver Institute wishes you an enjoyable and healthy holiday season. Despite the severe challenges we all are facing, we are pleased to report that we were able to achieve some significant advances for beavers this year.

For example, just before the COVID shutdown, BeaverCON 2020, our inaugural 3-day international beaver conference in Baltimore was a huge success. See www.BeaverCON.org.

We are pleased have 23 US and Canadian trainees enrolled in our BeaverCorps Professional Training Program and continually accept more. See https://www.beaverinstitute.org/education/get-training/. To achieve massive, long-term change, we are preparing to train at least 100 nonlethal beaver professionals.

In April, we launched the Connecticut Beaver Initiative which has already incentivized flow device installations to save 20 beaver families from trapping. See https://www.beaverinstitute.org/management/connecticut-beaver-initiative/. This doubled our first year goal, and we are not done yet! ?

Our 2021 goals are even more ambitious as we seek to hire passionate staff to expand these programs and more. We have committed to co-hosting an expanded BeaverCON 2022 with Ecotone, Inc., want to double our BeaverCorps admissions, and also want to grow the Connecticut Beaver Initiative. Go big or go home! ?

In addition, we just embarked upon a major website update. The goals for our new website include making it easy for anyone with a beaver problem to find one of our trained BeaverCorps flow device professionals, and to create the largest library of beaver information available. We want you to be able to easily locate any beaver research study, popular article, video, webinar, etc., all in one place!

Even with volunteer staff all these initiatives cost money, so we humbly ask that you consider supporting us with an end-of-year donation, or volunteer to help us with our dream of creating an Alexandria-like, ultimate beaver library. To donate simply click the “Donate” button below. To volunteer click here.

Thank you in advance for your support and best wishes for a healthy, prosperous, and beaver-centric 2021!!!

Happy Holidays!

Mike Callahan and the BI Board of Directors